Thinking Creatively: 8 Ways to Develop Creative Thinking

How to unleash your creative thinking

We’ll tell you about the most effective methods that will help you cope with creative tasks faster

Creative thinking helps you quickly respond to any problem and find non-standard ways out of difficult situations. It is required not only for people of creative professions—creativity can be successfully applied to solve a variety of everyday tasks. for example, for an accountant, the ability to think non-trivial will help save a lot of money for the company, and for a manager-to sell more goods and services. every year this skill becomes more and more popular.

Everyone has the potential to build original logical chains. Its level is determined by the coefficient of creative intelligence, which is commonly referred to as CQ (Creativity Quotient). It is believed that it is not related to IQ, but it is also quite amenable to development and training. You can start actively generating fresh ideas and putting them into practice with a series of simple exercises.

Set yourself up for the positive

To develop creativity, you need a special psychological attitude. If a person considers himself a failure, he will not be able to be a generator of new ideas. Fears, doubts, and negative subconscious attitudes suppress creativity. Try to determine what is bothering you. For some, this is a fear of appearing stupid, for others-self-doubt or fear of criticism. Most often, the source of such thoughts is our beliefs, many of which are formed in childhood. Because of them, we begin to interpret any events in a negative way.

Try to remember your successes more often and focus only on the good. A positive attitude stimulates brain activity, helps to achieve inner peace and harmony. For this reason, it is very important to work on your mood and self-esteem. Take a piece of paper and divide it in half. In the left column, list the fears that prevent you from achieving your goals. On the second half of the sheet, make a detailed plan of actions to overcome fears. if you do this exercise regularly, you will get used to replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.

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Train to use associations

Associations help to awaken your creativity and stimulate your mental activity. Steve Jobs also said that creativity is just creating connections between things. Combining different fragments from the already existing experience, a person synthesizes something new. choose any item and try to come up with as many non-standard ways to use it as possible. For example, a plastic bag can be used instead of shoe covers, a swimming cap, a pastry bag or food wrap.

Another exercise is random associations. Open a dictionary or other large book. Without looking at the page, point your finger at any word and write it down on paper. Repeat this action again. Now try to link the resulting words together—you can come up with whole stories. Over time, the brain begins to create associations and unusual ideas faster. Each of the words is also useful to represent as an abbreviation and decipher. It is most interesting to perform this exercise together—it will be very fun to compare the results obtained.

Imagine yourself in the director’s place

Role-playing transformation helps to develop the ability to generate new ideas. Sitting on public transport or at a boring meeting, imagine yourself in the place of another person. this may be an architect who has to fulfill an unusual order. or the head of a large enterprise in a state of decline. Think about what anti-crisis measures will allow you to avoid bankruptcy and preserve your business reputation. Ideally, a fictional problem should be solved by a non-standard method and come up with an original solution.

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Start using your second hand

Most people have their right hand as the leader. It is more active, more frequently used, and performs movements faster and more accurately. The right hand is controlled by the left hemisphere of the brain. It is also responsible for our analytical thinking. But imagination, complex images and emotional intelligence are the prerogative of the right hemisphere. If you sometimes perform the usual household actions with your left hand, you can improve its work and develop creative abilities. This exercise will also be useful for left-handers. Using the right hand will Wake up the brain and activate its activity.

Free drawing is an exercise in creativity in itself. Prepare a white sheet, colored pencils, and draw a simple landscape. It is best if it consists of non-existent parts. After that, take a five-minute break and repeat the same picture, but with the other hand. Or take a pencil in your right and left hands and try to draw a butterfly, creating a mirror image. The hands can move both simultaneously and alternately. If you can’t cope with this task, start with a simpler one trace the dotted lines around the already prepared symmetrical illustrations.

Write down your ideas

There is no need to wait for inspiration—it almost never comes by itself, but occurs in the process of work. The development of creativity requires constant self-study and creative growth. Read as much literature on your topic as possible, communicate with talented people and like-minded people. In social networks, you can subscribe to bloggers who somehow come into contact with your field. Constantly look for examples for creative growth and learn from those who have already achieved some success. Looking through the work of other people, you will probably learn a lot of new and interesting things for yourself.

At the same time, it is important to carefully monitor your thoughts. write down any ideas that arise in your head, even if they seem absurd. Creative impulses happen unexpectedly—at a meal, at a workout, in a shoe store, in a dream. For example, Archimedes discovered his famous law while taking a bath. To write down ideas, it is best to have a special notebook and always carry it with you. Making notes on the go is very convenient with a voice recorder. just do not forget to transfer the audio recordings to paper later. In the future, reasoning over these notes, you can come up with a new project.

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Find new uses for old things

In everyday life, people follow long-established patterns. Try to be creative not only about your work and Hobbies, but also about any activity. Bring a little creativity to each of your activities even small changes can lead to a new idea. Start redoing old things or turning the most mundane items into unusual ones. For example, you can use coffee grounds, honey, or coconut oil in a new way. You can train your creativity in the company of friends-put on a new movie, turn off the sound and start duplicating characters. And after reading half of the book, first try to come up with its ending yourself.

Sign up for online courses

New experiences help you not only think outside the box, but also improve brain function. Thanks to regularly received information, new nerve cells and connections between them are formed. That is why it is important to listen to new music, discover new movies, try new food in different cafes and restaurants, and travel. Even a simple trip to the store or to a folk art fair can give you an interesting idea. Try to give up maps and familiar routes. If you’ve always taken a summer vacation, next time, take it in the winter.

All this connects previously unused brain systems to solving problems and allows you to look at any task in a new way. In addition, it is very useful to expand your knowledge in other subject areas. Online courses are a popular and convenient training format. Try to choose interesting but unfamiliar topics. A ready-made successful template from another field can be unexpectedly useful in your business. At the same time, even if you do not get specific knowledge, changing the usual actions will increase your productivity and help you discover something new.

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Try working in a coffee shop

To generate new ideas, it is important to change the environment. When working for a long time at the same place, people become less attentive and tend to make mistakes more often. The easiest way avoid this is to remove unnecessary things from your workplace, get new stationery, change the lamp or the table. Try to understand what conditions are easiest for you to work in. You can see how the creative process of famous people is organized. Or try working in a coffee shop. This is a great place to write an article or finish a working project. The study, the results of which were published in the Journal of Consumer Research, showed that the level of background noise in establishments of this type stimulates creative activity.

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