TOP 6 Hot Springs in Switzerland

Those who decide to visit the hot springs in Switzerland will be able not only to improve their health, take advantage of the necessary treatment programs, but also enjoy stunning views (meadows, mountains, lakes).

Features of hot springs in Switzerland

Swiss hot spas are presented in the form of health and medical complexes, providing their visitors with high quality health services. In addition to therapeutic baths based on thermal water, which can cope with insomnia, relieve fatigue and have a positive effect on the nervous system, those who wish will be offered to take advantage of cleansing, regenerating, anti-aging programs, as well as attend training on weight loss and proper nutrition.


In Ovronn, there is a deposit of thermal waters (+ 32-35 degrees), which contain Mg, Ca, F, sulfates. The resort has built the Les Bains D’Ovronnas center, which specializes in obesity, cellulite, injuries, circulatory disorders, ailments of the heart, blood vessels, nervous system


The water of local springs is “warmed up” to more than +60 degrees and is used in the thermal center, which is equipped with 2 thermal (+ 34-36-degree water is poured into it) and a large (1000 sq.m. pool, equipped with a jacuzzi, cascades, hydromassage jets, night illumination) pools, a bath complex, slides, fountains, air massage loungers.


The resort of Yverdon-les-Bains is famous for its magnesium and sulfur thermal waters gushing from 500-600 meters depth, with a temperature of +29 degrees. In Yverdon-les-Baines, they are waiting for those suffering from neurological, ailments of the respiratory tract and the apparatus of support and movement, as well as those who have received mechanical injuries.

The Center Thermal is at the service of holidaymakers: its pools maintain a constant temperature of +34 degrees (with the exception of an outdoor sports pool, where the water temperature reaches + 31˚C in winter and + 28˚C in summer). And there is also a fitness and beauty center, solarium, jacuzzi, massage loungers …

In the medical center of Yverdon-les-Bains, potential patients will be offered to get rid of rheumatism, depression, respiratory problems and other ailments through therapeutic exercises, cardio training, therapeutic baths, massage and physiotherapy procedures.

In your free time, it is recommended to explore the castle, built in the 1260s, take a boat ride on Lake Neuchâtel (in summer its water warms up to + 25˚C). This lake has a natural sandy beach, where, moreover, there is a sports complex and a pool with slides.

Bad Ragaz

In Bad Ragaz, tourists will find:

  • hot spring (water +36.5 degrees): every minute 8000 liters of water “erupt” from the spring, each liter of which contains more than 400 mg of minerals in the form of Ca, Na, Mg and others;
  • thermal baths Tamina: there are hydromassage installations, an outdoor pool with + 35-degree water poured into it, a grotto, a waterfall and 2 indoor pools, where water is poured, with a temperature of + 34 degrees;
  • Cosmetic studio “Ad Fontes”: there they correct the figure, do face and body treatments using Clarins cosmetics, oriental massage, herbal wraps and resort to aromatherapy.

Bad Ragaz welcomes overworked people and people with sleep disorders, as well as those who decide to undergo post-traumatic therapy and who have problems with the respiratory organs, metabolism, heart and blood vessels.

Once in Bad Ragaz in autumn, everyone will have the opportunity to take part in the celebration of the wine festival, during which they will be able to enjoy not only the taste of the best wines, but also Swiss cheeses.


Thanks to the deposits of thermal waters, Leukerbad pleases its guests with pools filled with + 28-44-degree water, which treats neurovegetative disorders, physical exhaustion, impaired blood circulation and cardiac activity, degenerative disorders of the joints, spine, muscles … Lindner Alpentherme (local pools are equipped with massage underwater jets, nape showers, sit and recumbent baths) and Burgerbad (there are 12 indoor pools, a hot 44-degree bath, underwater and cascading jets).

Bad Zurzach

Bad Zurzach beckons tourists with the cleanest air, mild climate, + 38.3-degree thermal water (the spring is knocked out of the ground from a depth of 100 m; the water contains lithium, zinc, aluminum, iron, ammonium and Glauber’s salt). Here it is recommended to treat the apparatus of support and movement, to undergo general wellness and sports rehabilitation programs.

For accommodation, the Kurhotel is suitable, which has 4 swimming pools (guests can swim in + 32-36-degree water), a spa center (there are saunas, departments where they take baths with the addition of tropical plants, do wraps and massage), a beauty salon ( here they use cosmetics “Margis Monte Carlo”).

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